Wednesday, 28 November 2007


The hobo-chic look peaked in 2004-2005 with Glastonbury festival of that summer establishing the perfect breeding ground for the gypsy skirt brigade. The style has had definite nuances throughout the fashion world since, being placed as the definitive style of Moss, Miller and The Olsen twins. As well as the staple maxi dresses in free-flowing fabrics, the less contrived ingredients of embroidery, frills and bondage-vibe leather are important materials in completing the nomadic approach to dress.

This season, the twang of beatnik fashion has been transformed, with a diluted concentrate of frills and a harsher attitude. Boho-chic can now be crossed out and replaced with boho-rock as '50s biker jackets and leather-look leggings filter in to the wardrobes of ashcan icons, with chunky costume rings adorning their knuckles.

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