Sunday, 25 May 2008

Miss Bush

The name ‘Bush’ may not automatically conjure up thoughts about high fashion, but 23 year-old Lauren Bush (niece of President George Bush) has been bringing a touch of class to the family name for years.

The party girl who graces only the hottest of parties in the states, has recently changed her ways and thrown herself head first into designing for charity FEED- which raises money and awareness for world hunger. Not looking to reap monetarily from the expansion of her portfolio, she’s designed reusable cotton totes and t-shirts stamped with a simple ‘FEED’ logo.
Even without the feed the world feel good factor, cotton bags look stylish and are eco friendly, making them bang on trend for this season: everyone from designer to high street is producing cotton bags as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags
As a vogue cover girl, it is refreshing to see model Lauren swapping luxury leather handbags for a simple tote- becoming an eco-warrier with dignity and pride at public functions.

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